Windy City Estate Sales is a new estate sale company with Employees that have years of experience working for estate sale companies and specializing in Antiques, Gold, Watches, Clocks etc. We offer the lowest commission in the state with one thing in mind and that is helping our employees raise money for college. All sales representatives are young and motivated with college in mind. Our savings go in a bank account and we offer to help out employees with a portion of they're college tuition. We offer our estate sale service which includes the estate sale itself, cleanout and set up commissions vary according to services you want.




Sale permits: providing sale permit information for the appropriate village if required


Online advertising: highly detailed ads, with thorough descriptions and many quality photos posted to the top three websites for estate sales and more

Staging items within the home to entice buyers: providing everything needed to professionally display items including tables, table coverings, lighting, clothing racks, risers and jewelry display. We fully skirt our tables in beautiful fabric and use vintage display pieces, giving the sale a charming yet upscale look.

Payment of sales proceeds and detailed report of sales results: we do not just hand you cash after the sale. A comprehensive estate sale package is sent electronically which includes a report with every item sold accounted for regardless of price and a report summarizing the results of the sale so you can feel confident the sale has been conducted in an above-board manner.